What is CopyMastro?

CopyMastro is an open source copy and backup utility developed by Marco Mastroddi. You don't need to install, just download, unzip and start it. Simple, fast and useful.

-> Download CopyMastro 2.1.5 released on 14th october 2017   ->  ->  ->  ->

2.0  Main Features:

  • Multi-thread copy: speed up your copies.
  • Clone copy: preserve permissions, creation and modification dates (also tags and XAttributes in MacOSX).
  • Smart: copy hidden files, long filenames with utf16 support, link target will be updated.
  • Secure: file integrity check after copy.
  • Custom copy: available filters to select what you want to copy or skip.
  • Integrated: support to external copy program like rsync or robocopy.
  • Resumable: you can save a stopped copy task and resume it later.
  • Move option: with removing the files after a successful copy you can better organize your disk space.

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